Still in the mood for celebrations, with birthday parties coming, but you also want to succeed in your New Year’s resolution to have a healthy diet?
We have the solution for your problem: more veggies and less animal proteins!

We propose you a few really delicious recipes of the great chef Ottolenghi!

Cannellini beans puree with sweet & sour champignon served with our sour dough bruschetta bread
Pumpkin and sesame paté
Roasted cauliflower with hazelnuts sauce

Red cabbage, apple and dried cranberries

And from family tradition...
Focaccia ‘classica’ or with endive, olives and pine seeds
Mini baked Panzerotti with the classic tomato and mozzarella filling or with in the spicy vegan tempeh variation.

and as dessert:

Tart au citron meringué
or why not try our selection of patisserie cookies, perfect with a dessert wine: wine ciambelline, our crinkle cookies varieties: dark chocolate and liquorice, white chocolate and matcha tea or almond and lemon; or even our horseshoe shortbread cookies with a dark chocolate glaze.

... And of course birthday cakes decorated using only natural colours: less food additives and more organic ingredients!